HANNYA BOY (Golden-Black Edition)

By DemonCraftArt


般若男孩的誔生,沿自現實社會的寫照。當中設計的概念將角色設定成”無臉”,帶岀每個人的心情變化 - 喜、怒、哀、樂;而戴上的面具,代表著堅強意志背後,用外表去掩蓋人性本身的脆弱一面,擁有著面具的 般若男孩 將會是無限衍生。

Demon Craft團隊花了大半年時間重整品牌,當中在故事內容規劃及角色造型深化加入多項元素,而般若男孩亦在「匠鬼世界觀」中擔當重要一角。以黑金配色造型外型,戴上面具後小男孩,展示強悍一面!「般若男孩」以黑金顏色塗裝,附上的面具採用油爐製作,面具背後有彈性繩,可以直接套用; 男孩本體以搪膠製作而成,整體高度約11.5公分,附上紅色肚子綁繩以遮蓋分模線,產品以背卡包裝。

"There‘s always hidden stories behind the mask..." The concept of Hannya Boy reflects the reality, the character role is set to be “no face”, which represents the emotions by wearing the mask to cover the fragile side of human nature.

Hannya Boy plays an important role in the "Demon Craft Storyline", with the golden-black colour and demon mask, showing a strong side of the little boy! "Hannya Boy" is 11.5CM tall, mask is made by oil furnace techie, with a plastic rope behind the mask, which can be directly placed on the face. The main body is made of soft vinyl with red braided rope attached to cover the parting line, back-card packaging.

Size : ~11.5cm
Material : Soft Vinyl
Colour: Golden-Black
Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus
Made in China