Demon Craft - FLAME

By Scotty Wang


「與牛鬼武士一戰後,匠鬼被打至重傷,更失去了左臂,他逃亡到山洞內,遍體鱗傷的匠鬼已機乎奄奄一息。。。這時,他發現自己身體突然被火燃燒著,火炎䆁岀的力量令匠鬼重生,更形成了一隻強力手臂,匠鬼不但痊癒,最後更化為了”匠鬼.炎”!」與玩老玩具合作,設計師Scotty Wang為匠鬼注入新元素,重新塑造強勁手臂,更為這個版本附上3個特別配件:原型可替換斷臂、火炎披風以及惡魔重炮

After the battle with Ushioni Samurai, injured Demon Craft lost his left arm...he escaped from the hell and hidden in a mountain cave. While he was on the verge of death, he felt his body suddenly breeding with fire, and that sort of flame had given power to reborn a muscular arm, finally...he recovered and formed “Demon Craft.FLAME”!!!b Collaborated with 玩老玩具 Playtoysforever, Scotty Wang Scotty.W.Toys is given fans a “reborn” Demon Craft, with a new sculpted muscular left arm. “Demon Craft.Flame” set also included 3 special accessories: A original broken arm for exchange/ flamed cloak / devil shotgun. 

Size : ~15.5cm
Material : Soft Vinyl
Colour: Red
Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus

Made in China