Demon Craft Daruma - Polished Gold Edition

By Scotty Wang


Scotty Wang為各「匠鬼」粉絲帶來重量級產品,將匠鬼和達磨提升至藝術收藏級別,為大家呈獻「匠鬼/匠鬼達磨.電鍍版本」。由Scotty Wang設計、TOY0+生產,利用樹脂物料打造,並在表面進行電鍍效果,匠鬼和匠鬼達磨提供「亮金」,並附上包裝盒,極具有收藏價值!

Scotty Wang is introducing something different to Demon Craft fans, by bringing Demon Craft and Daruma to an collectible art piece standard - “Demon Craft/D.C. Daruma.Polished Gold. Designed by Scotty Wang and produced by TOY0+, made of resin material and adding plating effect on polished gold finish, with protective packaging box, which is luxury artwork that Demon Craft fans shouldn’t be missed!

Size : ~6.1cm
Material : Resin
Colour: Gold
Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus

Made in China