BAKEZOURI 根性王 - 草鞋妖怪

By DemonCraftArt


將軍家外附近的村民,長期被嚴重踐踏,沉重賦稅壓迫和剝削,最終他們所產生的怨氣附著草鞋上,所化成的付喪神...也就是「根性王 - 草鞋妖怪」!根性王刻苦耐勞、永不敗的精神,再怎麼被逼壓也能再次爬起。

DemonCraft團隊與GSToy兩個單位,聯手打造的「根性王 - 草鞋妖怪」首度登場,全高12.8CM,一身草鞋外型破岀可動的四肢,身軀的妖怪面孔露岀大眼睛及舌頭。

The villagers has been severely trampled on for a long time, while heavily taxed, oppressed and exploited. The resentment brings the “BAKEZOURI” to LIVE! The Demon Craft team and GSToy collaborated first time by bringing fans the Monster “BAKEZOURI”, a 12.8cm tall body of straw sandals with big eye and tongue.

Size : ~12.8cm
Material : Soft Vinyl
Artist : GSToy
Colour: Beige and Blue
Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus
Made in China